Q What are the Academy’s most recent academic results?
A 100% pass rate for BTEC examinations and 100% success in University applications for three years running 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23

Q How do BTECS compare to A levels
A The level 3 extended diploma is equivalent (in UCAS points) to three A level passes.
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Q What about technology?
A Whether a final career is on or off the pitch, one thing is for sure, understanding of technology is important, both in and out of worktime. Paul Dipre, the Club Owner, an expert in telecoms, software design and architecture and computer programming has designed the delivery of the Academy programme to incorporate the technologies that will be important for students to become familiar with.

Q Will students have to provide their own laptops and software for the course?
A No, the Academy provides a state-of-the-art laptop for course work, a Google Education account and a suite of personal software. 

Q What about breakfast and lunch for students?
A The Academy benefits from the Club’s modern kitchens and experienced chefs. We provide a hot breakfast and a two-course lunch every day. 

Q Do students have to pay, wash and maintain their own football kit?
A No, football kit is provided, paid, washed and prepared by the Football Club.

Q Are leisure and recreational facilities on site?
A Yes, there is a clubhouse with three large screen TVs, two PlayStation rigs, a table tennis table, table football and board games. Students enjoy our leisure facilities during break periods and at the end of the day.

Q What about life skills?
A Besides the academic and football programmes, our life-skills curriculum includes a range of short courses/tutorials to help students be successful and content in life generally. Current life skills training includes: money matters, mental well-being, interview skills and emergency first aid.

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