Colston Avenue COVID-secure Ground Rules

All visitors to Colston Avenue should read, understand and abide by these ground rules to minimise the risks of spreading infection.

  • SYMPTOMS - If the visitor lives in a household where any person is showing symptoms or has shown symptoms in the last 14 days then you must not come to the ground.

  • Children and adults must follow current social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

    • 2m Distancing where possible or 1m + extra measures/care when 2m is not possible

    • Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds upon arrival and regularly throughout your visit - or use the sanitiser provided

    • Use paper towels to dry hands and bin the used towel immediately.

    • Avid touching your face

  • Follow all one-way routes in and around the stadium​.

  • Avoid touching surfaces of all types in and around the stadium

  • Wear a mask where possible

  • Avoid shouting

  • Spitting is prohibited

  • A child's parent/guardian will be responsible to ensure their child follows these guidelines before arrival whilst on the premises. The parent/guardian must supervise the child at all times