A "thank you" from the club owners

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

What an achievement!

The first time in the Proper FA cup rounds in over 20 years.

An amazing performance from our players who have a right to be both disappointed about the result and proud for their heroics in this game and those in the qualifying rounds. I have nothing but admiration for Peter, the coaching team, the back-room staff and the players for a story that will be remembered in the club’s history – “the first time in the 21st century that we reached the first round proper of the FA cup”. I am confident that it won’t be the last.

Boston United were worthy winners, thank you Boston United players, officials and fans - good luck in the next round.

We are also grateful to see so many fans at Colston Avenue. Both sets of fans were passionate in their support for their team and impeccably behaved.

But there’s another story to tell here, another group of people who have excelled and exceeded all expectations on the day that saw our biggest crown for at least twenty years.

The logistics of managing the multiple coaches, hundreds of cars, thousands of fans – all arriving at the same time, paying through the turnstiles, all wanting to be fed and watered was a huge challenge for the team at Colston Avenue. Despite the size of the challenge the day ran like clockwork. Everyone got in on time, everyone got served, we didn’t run out of any food or drink and there were no major issues. I know many clubs deal with gates of this size regularly, and when a club has these size gates every week it allows them time and experience to organise resources accordingly over a long period– for us this was a sudden five-fold increase of our usual gate.

It was the work of the club staff and volunteers in the ground, clubhouse, turnstiles and kitchen that created the environment so we could all watch the game in comfort. I know how stressful it was for many of them. I want them all to know that their contribution to the day was as important as the performance of the players and that both Clare and I are extremely proud of you and grateful to you all.

What a great club, so many great people, so proud.

Paul & Clare