Club statement - Closure of Club

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

This announcement details how the club, its teams, players and fans will be affected by the current pandemic.

Starting on Wednesday April 1st and monthly thereafter we will be issuing an update on the then current circumstances and how they will affect the club’s football activities.

Its not our position or place to judge, decide or contradict the authoritative guidelines. We are doing our best to keep abreast of, interpret and implement those guidelines provided by the Government, the FA, the leagues we play in and the department of education.

In some instances, guidelines from those sources are either not clear or contradict each other, but we have done our best to apply common sense in these cases.

Carshalton Athletic Football Matches – Adult, Youth and Junior

All cancelled until further notice

Carshalton Athletic Training– Adult, Youth and Junior

All cancelled until further notice

Carshalton Athletic Academy - General

The Carshalton Athletic Academy comes under the jurisdiction of the advice relating to schools and colleges. We will abide by the current advice which is to keep schools open and operate as normal. If current advice changes and schools are closed then we will be able to continue our education program through our on-line delivery platform – Google Education. We are one of the very few establishments who use this platform and have this ability.

Carshalton Athletic Academy - Matches – Matches are cancelled until further notice.

Carshalton Athletic Soccer school

Cancelled until further notice

Carshalton Athletic Junior U7 Trials March 21st

These trials are being postponed, but all children registered on these trials will be invited to participate at the first possible opportunity. We will write to parents and keep them informed. We will make a decision on the trials set of the 4th April closer to the time. We will be emailing all those who have registered with detailed information.