Colston Avenue is going to war... join us

At our busy stadium we have got used to the convenience and low cost of single use plastic cups, spoons and glasses. At events like football matches they are perfect (convenience wise), but the damage they cause thousands of miles away from us, mainly in the sea, is much too higher price to pay. So we think it’s about time we pulled our finger out and made a change.

So we are going to war against single use plastics.

We are reviewing all of the plastics we use and changing them to either recyclable or reusable and were encouraging all Isthmian football clubs to do the same. Yes, it costs a little bit more and its a bit less convenient, but we will get used to it and maybe we will help our fans and their families to also make some small steps to protect the environment for our children and grandchildren.

By the end of September 2019, we aim to be completely single-use-plastic free.

Paul Dipre Chairman Carshalton Athletic FC