COVID19 the Academy Programme & financial deposits

At the moment schools football facilities are closed. The government has indicated that this will continue until at least the Autumn, possibly longer. This is affecting, and will continue to affect many schools and academy programmes. If schools can't open then their sports facilities will also be unavailable.

Unlike Carshalton Athletic, few schools, colleges, football clubs and academies are equipped to manage this.

The Academic Programme: We are pleased to reassure you that the Carshalton Athletic Football Academy can deliver the academic programme regardless of schools closures.

As things stand today, because of the school's closures, we are delivering the academic programme direct to existing students' homes via the Google Classroom platform.

Each student is provided with a state-of-the-art laptop, a Google classroom account, a whole suite of classroom applications and is able to receive, complete, return and administer their work online.

We know of no other local college, school of Football Academy that has invested in this level computer hardware and online applications for all of its students.

The Football Programme: The football programme will be affected by social distancing guidelines, albeit to a much lesser degree than some schools, colleges and large academies

Being a very small programme - with a total of around 40 students over the two cohorts, it is much easier for us to organise football activities in small groups that may meet government social distancing guidelines. Schools, colleges and some of the bigger football academies with hundreds of students may not be able to do this.

Our sports facilities are not tied to a school or college, so we are able to open and use these facilities independently.

To that extent we are well prepared for the implications of COVID19 and we are excellently equipped to overcome the challenges it sets

Academic programme start date: The actual BTEC course will begin in early September, preceded by an induction programme, regardless of COVID19.

Football programme start date: The football programme usually starts in the summer with pre-season training and friendly fixtures. These dates may be affected by COVID19.

Academy Deposits: It is normal practice for academy students to pay deposits to secure their place at a football academy. In light of the current COVID19 situation the academy have agreed to fund those deposits on behalf of successful applicants. The only situation under which the applicant will have a financial liability is if he does not follow through on the academy registration commitments.

Final dates for both parts of the programme will be provided to successful applicants upon registration.