Robins TV monthly viewing figures

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Monthly viewing stats

Number of views in last 28 days: 15,997

Number of minutes viewed in last 28 days: 62,250

Robins TV viewing figures continue to rise.

From humble beginnings 5 years ago Robins.TV has become one of non-league's favourite shows with content being published every few days. Highlights, Just-the-goals, Call-it, interviews and competitions and amongst our regular shows.

Robins.TV is about the football, the players and the fans. We aim to deliver good content, interesting news and of course entertain you.

We have also installed Goal-cams and Corner-cams at Colston Avenue for multiple-angle footage of goals and we will be installing more fixed cameras in the next few weeks.

If you have something to contribute to Robins.TV - maybe you can conduct some interviews, maybe you are good with a video cam - or maybe you just want to play a part - please get in touch with us at