Thank you from the Club Chairman

Yesterday was the first time we could welcome fans back into Colston Avenue this presented a challenge to our management and staff team.

That challenge was to set the highest standards in COVID19 security and to ensure our fans could enjoy (almost) normality at Colston Avenue.

Of course we had known that this was coming, so for a few months now so we had been quietly preparing, but nevertheless a few of us have been working 24/7 since last Wednesday to make sure the finishing touches were in place.

I am very pleased to report that the day ran like a precision military operation. The online ticket sales worked without a hitch, admissions were a breeze and the kitchen and bar operation ran smoothly.

Our only regret was the injury to our videographer that meant we couldn't live-stream the game to the fans who missed getting a ticket in time.


I recognised a few improvements we can make including better signage, especially for managing queues at toilets. I would welcome any thoughts or suggestions that anyone has as to other areas that can be improved. please email:

Relaxation of restrictions Over the next few weeks we will be allowed to increase the number of fans that we can welcome to Colston Avenue, but we will only do so if we feel that we can maintain our high standards of COVID19 security.

Online ticket sales

We will be continuing to issue tickets online only until further notice. We would strongly recommend that fans invest in a season ticket if you prefer not to use our online ticket facility.

Academy Players

Our long tradition in developing young players through our academy was on show again. Three academy students showed why they deserve consideration for first team places this season, Mark, Georgie and Ore all were very impressive. I do want to thank Peter, Keith, Alberto, Barry and Owen for all the work they have done in delivering the club's ambition in bringing through young players.

Thank You Apart from a couple of numpties who preferred to argue about the rules, (a Walton Casuals Player and his driver,) everyone at Colston Avenue did their bit to make it easy for us. Thank you to players, fans and management home and away.

I also want to thank our staff and especially want to thank the volunteers - Andy and the five academy students who put of stewards jackets and did a great job.

I have no idea how long the COVID restrictions will last and I have no idea how they may change. But we have done and will continue to do everything we can to prepare for all eventualities.

Paul Dipre Club Chairman

A final note on Track and Trace Registers

We have developed our own online track and trace register than doesn't need downloading, installing, scanning or any other technical nonsense, but the simple answer to the track and trace register challenge is to sell tickets online. So that's what we are doing.

We have our own track and trace register at ready for when turnstiles open and we already using it for junior training and soccer schools.

Selling tickets online IS THE ONLY WAY to limit the number of admissions - without having to count them in at the gate and then turn some away - not sure why the FA and the league aren't insisting on this.