Soccer School & Soccer Camp Ground Rules

  • Children and adults must follow current safety, social distancing and hygiene guidelines. The child’s parent/guardian must teach the child those guidelines before arrival and the child must follow those guidelines whilst on the premises. If a child repeatedly breaks those guidelines then, for the safety of all involved, the child will not be able to continue or return on subsequent days.
  • LIMITED NUMBERS – The number of players will be strictly limited to meet safety guidelines. Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis 
  • ON LINE PAYMENT – Booking and payment must be made online.
  • No pets can be brought into the ground
  • At Saturday soccer school only:
    • The parent/guardian must stay at the ground and accompany the child for the entire session.
    • The parent/guardian must not leave the ground without the child.
    • If the child need to go to the toilet the coach will ask the child to identify the parent and then the parent will be responsible to take the child to and from the toilet
  • At Holiday soccer camp only:

Health & Safety:

MEDICAL CARE – Soccer school does not have medical facilities other than basic first aid. Any child who suffers from medical condition that potentially may require emergency medical treatment of care should not attend soccer school unless accompanied by a qualified medical professional. 
SUN PROTECTION – Protection from the sun is the responsibility of the parent. The parent must provide and apply sunscreen and bring a cap if appropriate.
SHIN PADS –  All players must wear shin pads and long socks – it is the parents responsibility to ensure these are being worn and properly fitted
CLOTHING – Players must wear clothing suitable for the weather.
REGISTRATION AND COLLECTION – Holiday soccer camp registration and collection procedures can be read here


On a child’s first visit to soccer school he/she will be permitted to wear training shoes. On subsequent visits he/she must wear recommended footwear

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