3G Pitch rules

Carshalton Athletic have invested significantly in both the pitch itself and the facilities that surrounds the pitch. Our intention is to provide a top-quality environment that can be used safely and enjoyably for all of our customers.

For that reason, all users must adhere to our 3G pitch rules.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all the players who use the pitch during the hire period adhere to these rules. If these rules are not adhered to then the facility will not be made available to that hirer in the future.

Hirers should download this PDF and distribute it to all persons who will use the pitch during your hire.


No player will be allowed on the pitch unless they wear clean, correct footwear.

Footwear must be cleaned before arriving at the ground. Dirty footwear must not be brought into the ground.

The only permitted footwear is:
football boots with rubber or plastic studs
No other types of footwear is allowed


  • Chewing gum, food, drink other than water and sports drink. Do not discard bottles or bottle tops on the pitch
  • Smoking with 1 metre of the pitch

Cleaning up

  • On leaving the pitch, please remove all litter, tape and any rubbish and put then in a nearby bin.