Sommer Holidays Soccer Camp

The Carshalton Athletic Soccer Camp will be running throughout the Summer Holidays.
Thursday 25th July- Friday 30th August
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The Stadium

Our Holiday courses are held at our own fully secure football stadium. This is the same stadium and pitch that first team games are played on. We have the use of extensive range of football and games equipment to deliver the programme.

All-weather top-quality surface

Football games are on our all-weather synthetic grass 3G pitch so parents can be sure that their children will always be able to play on a top-quality, comfortable surface come rain or shine.  

Indoor areas for extreme weather

Our 3G pitch can be played on regardless of the weather, but In the case of extreme weather we use two large indoor social areas adjacent to the 3G pitch. So parents can make their own plans for the day in the knowledge that our holiday camp is never called off regardless of the weather.

Qualified and Experienced tutors

The holiday camps are led by our own fully employed tutors (our tutors work for the football club all-year-round in our education programme). Our lead coaches hold qualifications in first aid and have many years’ experience in looking after young children.

Meeting children’s needs

The children who come to our holiday camps are of varied ages and football abilities. For that reason, we have different activities and groupings at every stage of the daily programme so every child can enjoy playing games with children of similar age and ability.

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