The youth section of Carshalton Athletic includes children’s teams aged 12-16 years old.
All teams train in the Colston Avenue stadium on designated weeknights while parents enjoy the hospitality of our clubhouse.
Fixtures are also often played in the Colston Avenue stadium

Our current youth teams

U12 WhitesSurrey Youth LeagueSundayRod Ayres
U12 GreensSurrey Youth LeagueSundayMathew Sahebjam
U12 PurplesSurrey Youth LeagueSundayKyron Rose-Green
U12 GirlsSurrey Womens and Girls LeagueSundayDaniel Turner
U13 RedsSurrey Youth LeagueSundayMatt Clubb
U13 WhitesSurrey Youth LeagueSundayDean Evans
U13 BluesSurrey Youth LeagueSundayNeil Faux
U13 GirlsSurrey Womens and Girls LeagueSundayPhil Novell
U14 RedsSurrey Youth LeagueSundaySimon Boyd
U14 BluesSurrey Youth LeagueSundayRichard Lacey
U14 WhitesSurrey Youth LeagueSundayJoe Nimmo
U15 WhitesSurrey Youth LeagueSundayIan Pease
U16 BluesSurrey Youth LeagueSundayBarry Sharpe
U16 YellowsSurrey Youth LeagueSundayBen Rogers
U18 PurplesSurrey Youth LeagueSundayTyrone Rose-Green
U18 GirlsSurrey Womens and Girls LeagueSundayEmily Pratley-Jones

Trials to join a Youth team are held every year as follows:

Join a new Under 7s and Under 8s teams
We start six new teams every year
Registration for these trails is now open – Click here to register

Join an existing team U9s to U16s
Trials are held in April every year
Registration for these trails is now open, click here to register